Stand up Paddling (Suppen) and Suples follow expert instructors in Bloemendaal Aan Zee

Stand up Paddling (Suppen)

Stand up Paddling (Suppen) is the rapidly emerging water sports in the Netherlands. Suppen is done on a long and wide surfboard and is stable enough to stay upright while you propels through with a long paddle. Suppen can be done anywhere, from flat water to open sea and the ultimate, in the surf. Age does not play a role, it is for almost everyone to do, from young to old. The more experience, the more the Suppen becomes an unlimited challenge! In Addition, Suppen is a very efficient exercise for many muscle groups in the body, to maintain good balance. This with minimal chance of injuries.

Sup Tours & Lessons

At Mifune Watersports You can go for Stand up Paddle Lessons (suples) & SUP Tours. But also for hiring a SUP board with accessories or storage of your own material. If you Want a sporty birthday, or want to have a teambuilding with your colleagues, then join us for a gift SUP session with then food & drinks!

Sup Tours

Sup Mee with one of our sunset or morning tours. A delightful active water sports activity accompanied by an experienced instructor. For Our tours, experience with Suppen is not required! Sup you first join, then take an instructor prior to the basic techniques, board handling and safety with you. Planning to come more often? Book A multi-day course and take advantage!

Sup Lessons

Our instructors will teach you the basics, safety at sea and board handling. And then quickly sea up to develop your skills and get your balance and the SUP board under control. You will experience the versatility of the Standup Paddling at sea!

SUP sessieDuurMax. aantal personenPrijs
1 sessie± 1,5 uur10€ 32,50 p.p.
3 sessies (pakket)± 1,5 uur x 310€ 82,50 p.p.
1 sessie privé± 1,5 uur1€ 75,00 p.p.
1 sessie privé voor 2± 1,5 uur2€ 85,00 p.p.
Combipakket les + materiaal3 sessies + 5 x materiaal1€ 130,00 p.p.
Groepen (alle dagen te boeken)Min. 5 -max. 10
1 sessie± 1,5 uur5 - 10€ 140,- voor 5 pers. Extra persoon €20,-
51 uur€ 60,00
101 uur€ 90,00

Sup Surf Board Hire

Can you Stand up Paddling (Suppen), but you are sitting without material? Then you are at Mifune Watersports all right! We Rent out all the materials for suppen you need. We have a large stock of professional and reliable material, in which we are happy to advise you.

If you Want To rent a Supsurfplank but you are a little out there, there is always the possibility for a refresher course.


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