Kitesurfing Lesson at IKO certified instructors of Kitesurfschool Mifune in Bloemendaal Aan Zee

Learn to Kitesurf-' Kitesurfing lesson for all! '

Learn to Kitesurf at Mifune Watersports in Bloemendaal by the Sea and book your first kitesurfing lesson with us! Mifune Watersports is an IKO & VWDS kitesurf Center. Our Efficient teaching method guarantees a fast and secure development of your skills. No experience? No problem, kitesurfing is for everyone. We teach you to kitesurf in a safe and independent way.

TIP: Kitesurf Try-Out lesson!

Curious If kitesurfing is something for you? Then Book our popular Try-out lesson. In 3.5 Hours you get an introduction with an instructor. Here you learn to get Stapgewijs control over the power of the kite. If this is Successful, we will move on to the board!

Kitesurf Lessons & Courses

We offer several kitesurfing courses, from 1 to 5 days. You will receive a personal account in which you plan your own lessons.

  • 1 day Course:

Need a refresh lesson? Collect all your questions and we will gladly help you secure the water independently. Our advice is to book this lesson ' private '! This Way Our instructor can perfectly connect to your level.

  • 3 Day Course:

Our Most SOLD course! After This course you have a good basis for continuing to practise independently.

  • 5 Day Course:

Our most complete course! After 5 days Of lessons We know for sure that you can kitesurf completely independently and safely.

Need Advice on a course? Call us, we'll be happy to help you! 

For kitesurfing The minimum age is 8 years. It's a crazy sport to start early. We have for these kids gear tailored and specialized instructors!

Kiteclub Bai

Have you completed a course? We Will gladly accompany you further, with or without material! More information can be found on Together with other kitesurfers you build your kitesurf-experience!

Kitesurfing Lesson Books

Book one of the lessons below and get into the dynamic world of kitesurfing!

CursusDuurMax. aantal personenPrijs
Try-out!3 tot 3,5 uur3€ 75,00 p.p.
Groepen3 tot 3,5 uurmin. 4 - max. 15te boeken via Groepsles
Privéles2,5 uur1€ 159,00 p.p.
Duoles3 uur2€ 125,00 p.p.
Groepsles3,5 uur3€ 99,00 p.p.
Kids (8 - 11 jaar)2 uur3v.a. € 75,00 p.p.
3 lessen Privé3 x 2,5 uur1€ 445,00 p.p.
3 lessen Duo3 x 3 uur2€ 325,00 p.p.
3 lessen Groep3 x 3,5 uur3€ 240,00 p.p.
3 lessen Kids (8 - 11 jaar)3 x 2 uur 3v.a. €199,- p.p.
5 lessen Privé5 x 2,5 uur1€ 695,00 p.p.
5 lessen Duo5 x 3 uur2€ 525,00 p.p.
5 lessen Groep5 x 3,5 uur3€ 375,00 p.p.
(eigen materiaal)
1,5 uur1€ 80,00 p.p.
(geen eigen materiaal)
1,5 uur1€ 100,00 p.p.
Powerkiten1 uurmin. 4 - max. 25v.a. € 19,50 p.p.
Kitelessen include:

  • Wetsuit
  • Crash Vest
  • Helmet
  • IKO Textbook
  • Insurance

Bring your OWN:

  • Swimwear
  • Towel

All Kitelessen depend on the weather. Is there too little wind or just too much for you kiteboarding lesson, no problem! We just slide the kiteboarding lesson on to the first next occasion.
Classes that do not continue due to changing weather conditions during the class are also passed.

For group outings or teambuilding events Our Kitelessen can also be combined with all other activities at sea or on the beach. Ask for the possibilities for the perfect combi for you!


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