Storage of Kites, kiteboards and other kitesurfing gear by the sea


Secure lockers by the sea for all your gear

At Mifune Watersports you can safely store your gear in a locker. The locker is 70 x 70 x 200cm and has enough room for a full kitesurfing set. Combine your sport with the dynamic and popular beach of Bloemendaal aan Zee.

Kite gear storage costs 

 DuurMax. Pers.Prijs
Locker huur6 maanden1€ 220,00
Locker huur7 dagen1€ 50,00

If you have a locker, you can also use other facilities, such as showers, toilets and changing rooms. And of course you can use the facilities in our beach club. 

Learn more about kite gear storage?

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Bloemendaal aan Zee

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