Catamaran Sailing lessons at certified instructors of sailing school Mifune in Bloemendaal Aan Zee

Catamaran Sailing

Catamaran sailing is a spectacular sailing sport, where the cat, together with wind and waves, creates a sensational experience every time. Race over the sea "kissing the waves" and feel alive!

Catamaran Sailing Learn

Learn Catamaran sailing at Mifune Water sports in Bloemendaal aan Zee. Our Efficient teaching method guarantees rapid development of your skills and our instructors ensure that you do this in a safe way. Depending on the initial level, the following issues are addressed:

  • Safety at sea
  • Catamaran and Rigging
  • Prices and sailing position
  • Tack and jibes
  • Entering and exiting the surf
  • Trapeze Skill

Catamaran Sailing try Out

If you Want To see if catamaran sailing is something for you, book a Try-out first. An hour long you get an introduction in catamaran sailing with an instructor. Here you get explanations about the catamaran sailing and you can, under the appropriate conditions, stand in the trapeze or control the catamaran.

Catamaran Sailing Lesson

If you Are enthusiastic, you can opt for private or group lesson for the sequel.
Take your private lessons, then you get 1 on 1 instruction from your instructor. 100% attention to the rapid development of your knowledge and skill. We also have a refresh for if you have not done catamaran sailing for a while or if you can sail well but never did this with a catamaran at sea. Look at where you stayed Together and then continue!
If you Want to start catamaran sailing with a friend or colleague, or you will find it more fun to learn with others, then booking a group lesson is for you. With up to two people you get lessons from your instructor, helping each other and learning from each other!

Catamaran Sailing Lesson Books

Book one of the lessons below and get in the thrill of catamaran sailing!

CursusDuurMax. pers.Prijs
Try-out privé1 uur1€ 80,00 p.p.
Try-out duo 1 uur2€ 45,00 p.p.
Refresh privé4 uur1€ 160,00 p.p.
Refresh duo 4 uur2€ 90,00 p.p.
Privé cursus enkel10:00-16:30 1€ 255,00 p.p.
Privé cursus duo10:00-16:30 2€ 145,00 p.p.
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Classes include:

  • Wetsuit
  • Driving Vest
  • Trapeze trousers

Bring your OWN:

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Surf or water shoes


  • ALL Catamaran classes depend on the weather. Is there catamaranles too little wind or too much, no problem! We just slide it on to the first next opportunity.
  • Classes that do not continue due to changing weather conditions during catamaranles are also passed.

For group outings or teambuilding events, all our catamaran classes can also be combined with all other activities at sea or on the beach. Ask for the possibilities for the perfect combi for you!


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