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Catamaran Rentals

Are you an experienced catamaran sailor and want to rent a catamaran? This is possible at Mifune Watersports! We have beautiful Nacra 570 's lying in front of you. The condition is that you are sure of your case. If you have any doubts, or you can sail but you have never done that at sea with a cat? You can always first book a lesson to refresh your skills! Or, as a sailor learn the tips and tricks of the cat.
Better Safe Then sorry!

Catamaran Nacra 570DuurMax. Pers.Prijs
Catamaran2 uur3€ 110,00
CatamaranOpvolgende uren3€ 47,50
CatamaranHalve dag3€ 190,00

Conditions Rent Catamaran

  • Rental of a cat is done in judgement and estimation of the skill of the tenant, in combination with the weather conditions, by Mifune Watersports.
  • The cat is All-risk insured with its own risk €450.00.
  • If properly sailed on a mono hull, advice to first follow a lesson for the tips and tricks for the cat.
  • Deposit €450.00 and ID.
  • Signed statement at your own risk.
  • Subject to availability.
  • At Unlimited applies to presses Max. 3 hours contiguous.
  • Use of all materials at your own risk.

Learn More about catamaran rental and supplies?

Please feel free to contact us for more info or a reservation. We are happy to speak with expert advice and sharp offers.


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